Latihan Soal Ujian dan Kunci Jawaban Mata Pelajaran Bahasa Inggris Tingkat SMP/MTs (3)

(Kunci Jawaban : Huruf Tebal)


The following text is for questions number 1 to 3.


To: All students

To celebrate National Education Day, the Student Organization will conduct two interesting programs, namely a school fair and a school show. The school fair will start in the morning, around 08.00. Meanwhile, the school show will be conducted around 7 p.m. on the same day.

Each class should send 7 representatives. Five of them will be in charge of the class product exhibition in the school fair. The others should perform in the school show. They can be singers, magician, or comedians on the stage. All students are expected to attend and enjoy the show. A large space is available for hundreds of audience around the stage. To attract the audience, the committee will invite a guest star, Agnes Monica. For more detailed information, contact Ridwan (coordinator) at 081328556554.

1. The text is written to….
A. ask the students sing a song in the school show
B. inform the students about how to perform in the school show
C. invite the students to join the ceremony of the National Education Day
D. tell the students about the programs in celebrating the National Education Day.

2. Who are expected to attend and enjoy the school show?
A. The committee of the program.
B. Seven students of each class.
C. Agnes Monica.
D. All students.

3. What can the students do in their performance on the stage?
A. Sing a song.
B. Watch a comedy.
C. See a magic show.
D. Enjoy the exhibition.

The following text is for questions 4 to 6.

Dear the parents,

SMP Rimba Jaya will have a school exhibition. All the students’ handycrafts will be displayed in the exhibition.

In relation to this, we would like to invite you to visit and see their handicrafts. Kinds of cuisines produced by students are also available there. You can enjoy them with your sons and daughters. Indonesian, Japanese, Chinese, and Indian cuisines are available there. You can enjoy them in a mini restaurant there.

In addition, you can also purchase some handycrafts which you may find interesting.

This exhibition will take place in the school yard on 15 – 16 October 2015, at 8 am to 5 pm.

Please come and visit the exhibition and you will get detailed explanation from the students, who produce the crafts or cuisines. Something special you will get from visiting the exhibition is the explanation of the students about the products. They will explain to you the materials needed and also the steps of making the handicrafts as well as the cuisines.

See you in the exhibition. We are looking forward to seing you in the exhibition.

Hendro Sasongko Principal


4. What is the writer’s purpose of the text?
A. To attract parents to enjoy cuisines.
B. To persuade parents to buy handicrafts.
C. To give information about the exhibition.
D. To invite parents to visit the school exhibition.

5. What special thing will the parents get by visiting the exhibition?
A. Explanation about the materials and steps of making the products.
B. Pride of seing the students’ products displayed in the exhibition
C. Satisfaction of enjoying the quisines produced by the students.
D. Cheap prices of the handicrafts or the cuisines to purchase.

6. “Kinds of cuisines produced by students are also available there.” What does the underlined word mean?
A. Materials for cooking.
B. Styles of cooking.
C. Steps of cooking.
D. Kinds of recipes.

The following text is for questions 7 to 9.

7. What is mainly advertised in the text?
A. Portable computer.
B. Deskstop computer.
C. 1.2 MP Web camera.
D. USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Port.

8. What is the size of the memory offered for the product?
A. 1.2 GB.
B. 2 GB.
C. 11 GB.
D. 32 GB.

9. From the text we can conclude that by using the product, people can probably….
A. listen to a song
B. play an on line game
C. save their data up to 600 GB
D. write using MS word or Excell program

The following text is for questions 10 to 13.

Sudirman Street 205 Jakarta 23rd August, 2015 Dear Dony,
As you know I have been applying for various universities in USA. And after two years, I have finally been accepted and have received my admissions letter as well as my visa. I am scheduled to leave in just three days. I am ever so excited, but so sad to be leaving you. This is actually what I’ll tell you, my best friend.

We have been best friends for twenty years and have understood each other. We usually played badminton or climbed a mountain together, etc. One thing which is very important in my life is that you always helped solve my problems. As you always came to solve my problems whenever I needed, I then feel so close to you.
I realized you were very kind when you were always on my side and patiently helped take care of my father two days before he passed away. You stayed in the hospital outside the ICCU room in which my father should have a specific treatment. You brought food and drink, too. And this makes me feel that you are really my best friend. The friendliness of your sister, Tanti, and your little brother, Fajar, always makes me remember you and your family. The kindness of your parents makes me feel as if I were part of your family. And now I have to leave you and our country for the sake of my future.

I wish you all the best for the future. You already have my email address, and I will send you my new address and new cell phone number as soon as I have them. Please promise to always keep in touch. Please share what you have in mind, and make me feel that distance will not separate us. Again, please always keep in touch with me.
I am leaving. C.U. Indra

10. What is the writer’s intention to write the letter?
A. To give information about his university.
B. To tell his friend his past experience.
C. To say goodbye to his old friend.
D. To remind his friend to study.

11. What makes the writer feel as if he were part of Doni’s family?
A. Friendliness of Dony’s sister.
B. Kindness of Dony’s parents.
C. His patience to help take care of Indra’s father.
D. His generosity to provide food and drink in the hospital.

12. Why does Indra feel so close to Dony?
A. He likes to play badminton with him.
B. He and Indra have been friends for twenty years.
C. He stayed in the hospital when his father was sick.
D. He always helped Indra solve his problems when needed.

13. From the text we know that Indra ….
A. is still in Jakarta
B. has arrived in USA
C. has a sister named Tanti
D. is looking for a new university

The following text is for questions 14 to 16.

To : Wakhid

Hi…boy! How have you been keeping so far? Concerning our English task, I have the information that our group was just asked to demonstrate the procedure of making certain food. Then we should perform in class next week. Real things and equipment are needed to support our performance.

Let’s meet at my house at 4 pm tomorrow. Please tell Dian and Yusuf to be on time. We have to decide what kind of food we will make. We should also prepare the equipment needed.


14. Wisnu writes the text in order to ….
A. inform Wakhid what they should do and prepare with the English task.
B. tell Wakhid about the members of the group in doing the English task.
C. ask Wakhid to demonstrate how to make certain food in the class.
D. remind Wakhid about the deadline of submitting the English task.

15. What will the group mainly discuss in the meeting?
A. The date of performing the task.
B. The way they perform in the class.
C. The deadline of preparing the task.
D. The kind of food they want to choose.

16. What should they do to support their performance?.
A. Choose the kind of food.
B. Come on time to the meeting.
C. Have a meeting to discuss the task.
D. Bring real things and equipment needed.

The following text is for questions 17 to 19.

Someone that I admire a lot is my grandfather. His name is Dwija Nugraha. He is my mother’s father. He is about 55 years old now and still working as an an Elementary School teacher. He loves me very much and gives special attention to me. I admire him for some reasons.

First, my grandfather is a hard worker. He loves his job very much. He is a very dedicated person. For example, he never comes late for his class. He teaches his students seriously and builds a good relationship with them. Consequently, his students love him and often come to his house to study.

Second, my grandfather is a very loveable person. He is a caring person. He gives much attention to me. For example, he teaches me how to make handicrafts. He gives me some books to read. Even, he shares his experiences and gives me some advises how to get along with friends.

In general, my grandfather is a kind man. I love him very much. In addition, he is a good figure for me.

17. What does the text tell us about?
A. An old grandfather.
B. A very good teacher.
C. An Elementary School teacher.
D. The writer’s loveable grandfather.

18. What is the main idea of paragraph two?
A. Mr. Dwija Nugraha loves his job very much.
B. The students love the writer’s grandfather.
C. The writer’s grandfather is a hard worker.
D. Mr. Nugraha is always on time.

19. The writer admires his grandfather because ….
A. he is a hard worker and a very loveable person.
B. he builds a good relationship with his students.
C. he gives the writer some books.
D. he loves the writer very much.

The following text is for questions 20 to 22.

husband and wife. After arriving in the lake, they immediately drank some water.
Suddenly, the wife saw an animal coming. “My husband, who is he? Wow! He is very handsome with his horns,” said the female deer. “Oh, that’s my friend. He is a dog. By the way, did you say he is more handsome than me?” asked the male deer. He was jealous. “Of course not, you are still more handsome than he is. But I have to admit that his horns are beautiful. If you have those horns, I think you will look very attractive.” “Ok, then, I have an idea how to take the horns from the dog. Just wait here.”
“Hi, how are you?” asked the male deer to the dog. “I’m just fine,” answered the dog. “How about you?” “Not really good. You see my wife over there? She thinks that I cannot run fast like other male deer. Do you mind if we have a running race? I really want to practice,” said the male deer. “Don’t worry, my friend. Let’s have the running race now.”
After that, the running match began. The male deer won. Then, he tried to cheer the dog up. “Well, don’t be sad. You cannot run fast because you have your horns on your head. What if you let me wear the horns,” asked the male deer. “OK, but please wear the horns carefully. I don’t want them to be broken.” “Don’t worry. I will be very careful,” replied the male deer. And then he immediately put the horns on his head. “Wow? My wife is right. I really look great with these horns,” said the male deer to himself. Then, they started the running race again. The male deer ran as fast as he could. He ran very fast and did not stop. He was trying to steal the dog’s horns.“Hey come back! Bring back my horns!” the dog was very angry.
Up to now, dogs always try to catch deer. The dogs want to get their horns

20. Who had horns firstly?
A. The male and female deer.
B. The female deer.
C. The male deer.
D. The dog.

21. How did the male deer cheat the dog to get his horns?
A. By running fast in the race.
B. By chatting with the dog.
C. By borrowing the horns.
D. By cheering the dog up.

22. From the story we can learn that ….
A. cheating others to get something is allowed
B. trusting others is not always good
C. making someone happy is good
D. helping each other is good

The following text is for questions 23 to 26.

A few years ago after getting my driving license, I borrowed my father’s car. I drove it long the way to the park. I was driving slowly when suddenly I heard a bang on the back of the car. I felt my body shaking. Soon I realized that I  had been hit by another car.

I was so afraid that something terrible happened to my father’s car. I stopped the car, got out and checked the left side of the car. I found the door damaged due to the carelessness of the young female driver. I wanted to call the police but she forbade me. She told me that she would pay all the damage of the car by using her insurance company. I was unsure so that I called my father. A few minutes later  he came to the location of the accident. My father talked to her. Finally the problem settled. After taking the car to the mechanic, I went home with my father’s car. I was so relieved that my father was not angry with me.

23. “I found the door damaged due to the carelessness of the young female driver” (second paragraph).
The underlined word is closest to meaning to ….
A. broken
B. blended
C. repaired
D. flattened

24. “I wanted to call the police but she forbade me” (paragraph 2). The underlined word refers to ….
A. the writer
B. the police
C. the young female driver
D. the insurance company clerk

25. How did the problem settle?
A. After the writer’s father talked to the woman.
B. After the writer sent complain to the police.
C. After the car was taken to the mechanic.
D. When the writer called his father.

26. From the text above we know that ….
A. The young female driver drove carefully
B. The writer’s father did nothing in the case
C. The writer had no experience of driving car
D. The police came to the location of the accident

The following text is for questions 27 to 29.

Let’s start with easy instructions on how to tie a tie with the four-in-hand knot as an example. Follow the images as if you were looking into a mirror at your reflection.

  1. Start with the wide end on your right. Extend it about 12″ below the narrow end of your
  2. Cross the wide end over the narrow, and back
  3. Bring the wide end around passing it across the front of the
  4. Pass the wide end up through the
  5. Hold the knot loosely and pass the wide end down through the loop in
  6. Hold the narrow end of the tie and slide the knot up (Taken from

27. “Follow the images as if you were looking into a mirror at your reflection” The underlined word is similar in meaning to ….
A. lines
B. steps
C. pictures
D. instructions

28. “Start with the wide end on your right. Extend it about 12″ below the narrow end of your necktie”. What does the underlined word refer to?
A. mirror
B. necktie
C. wide end
D. narrow end

29. The text is written to ….
A. describe the ways to draw a tie
B. tell the procedure of making a tie
C. describe tips on how to tie a tie
D. inform tips on how to draw a tie

The following text is for questions 30 to 33.

Geckos are small to middle size lizards. Lizards are reptiles. There are 1196 different kinds of geckos. They live in many warm countries. Some kinds of geckos go into people’s houses. People are often happy to have them because geckos eat many insects.

Unlike most lizards, geckos have voices. A gecko sounds a little like a bird or a frog. In some languages these lizards have names that sound like their calls, for example, both English and Indonesian call one kind gecko (gek KO) and tokay (to- KAY). Another kind of gecko, with a different sound, is called chicak (CHEE chak).

Geckos have no eyelids. Instead, they have a clear membrane (skin) over  their eyes. They lick the membrane clean with their tongues. Like most lizards, they can regenerate their tail if they need to.

Many kinds of geckos can walk on walls, windows and ceilings. They can do this because they have special toe pads. A microscope can show that each toe pad is made of thousands of hair-like structures. Each of these structures branches into many smaller ends.

30. What does the text mostly talk about?
A. Geckos.
B. Lizards.
C. Reptiles.
D. Insects.

31. The main idea of the second paragraph is that geckos ….
A. can walk on walls
B. have no eyelids
C. have voices
D. are small

32. “They can do this because they have special toe pads” (Paragraph 4) What does the underlined word refer to?
A. To eat many insects.
B. To regenerate their tail if they need to.
C. To walk on walls, windows and ceilings.
D. To lick the membranes clean with their tongues.

33. Why do some people like to have geckos at their home?
A. Because they eat many insects.
B. Because they can walk on walls.
C. Because they have different voices.
D. Because their tails can be regenerated.

The following text is for questions 34 to 36.

My school is one of my favourite places in town. It is a green and beautiful school. It has many large trees which make the  air around my  school  very  fresh and clean. It covers a very  large area  surrounded  by high fences.  Overall,  it  has 30 buildings are arranged to form a rectangle with a field in the middle commonly used as a sports place.

When entering the school, we are greeted by a billboard saying  “Let’s go forward with us” in front of the gate. Two security men are on duty near the gate

every  day.  After  passing  through the   gate,   we   pass a parking   area   which   can accommodate all vehicles of the teachers and students. Going inside, we can see the main building of my school. The building is quite large. Every morning the headmaster and teachers always line up in front of it to welcome the students.

Behind the main building stand the classrooms. On the right side there  are classes  for  the  1st and  2nd  grades,  while on  the  left   side, the  classes  for  the    3rd grade. In  front  of every  classroom there  are small flower gardens which add  the beauty of my school. We like to play and learn there.

My school also has a large canteen. It is located behind the hall. I enjoy having lunch there. My school’s canteen sells a lot of foods like snacks, cakes, meatballs, fried chicken, rice, noodles, and various drinks. Though it sells a variety of foods and drinks, it is always kept clean.


34. Where are the students welcomed every morning?
A. In front of the main building.
B. In front of the school gate.
C. In the school parking area.
D. In the sports place.

35. Paragraph 4 tells us that ….
A. the writer’s school canteen is large
B. the school’s flower gardens are small
C. the writer’s school is green and beautiful
D. the classroom’s are behind the main building

36. It can be concluded from the text that the writer’s school ….
A. is nice and comfortable to learn and play
B. is not a secure place for the students
C. is comfortable only for the teachers
D. does not have any good facilities

The following text is for questions 37 to 39.

Turtles used to live on the land, they say, until the time a clever turtle was caught by some hunters. They brought him to their village and placed the turtle before the chief, who said, “How shall we cook him?”

“You’ll have to kill me first,” said the turtle, “and take me out of this shell.” “We’ll break your shell with sticks,” they said. “That’ll never work,” said the turtle, “Why don’t you throw me in the water and drown me?!” “An excellent idea,” said the chief. They took the turtle to the river and threw him into the water to drown him.

They were congratulating themselves on their success in drowning the turtle, when two little green eyes poked up in the water and the laughing turtle said, “Don’t get those cooking pots out too fast, foolish people! As he swam away, he said, “I think I’ll spend most of my time from now on, safely in the water.”

It has been that way ever since!

37. How did the turtle save himself?
A. By killing himself.
B. By deceiving the chief.
C. By taking himself out of the shell.
D. By drowning the chief in the river.

38. “You’ll have to kill me first.” The underlined word refer to ….
A. the turtle
B. the chief
C. this shell
D. their village

39. What can you learn from the story?
A. Don’t look down at others.
B. Always believe in yourself.
C. Be careful with your tongue.
D. Don’t easily believe in others.

The following text is for questions 40 to 42.

That was my first day at senior high school. That was the first flag ceremony in that school year. I felt so nervous because I would have to join an orientation program for the next few days. Some new students came late so that they got a punishment before they could enter the gate.

After the flag ceremony, I immediately went to the classroom. I felt an awkward situation in the classroom. I didn’t know anyone of them. It seemed that no one was my junior high schoolmate. I decided to sit in the front row. There was still an empty seat. Then, someone came and sat beside me. She was Putri. She was more talkative than me. She helped me to melt the situation. She was very funny, too. I was so happy to have her as my new classmate.

I was enjoying my conversation with Putri when suddenly my seniors came to the classroom. They appointed me to come to the front and asked me to introduce myself. I was shocked. I stood up and started to introduce myself. After I had introduced myself, they still didn’t allow me to sit down. They asked me to keep standing up there looking foolish. I was so afraid and started to tremble. I was still there and the whole class started laughing at me.

40. Whom did the writer know on the first day of school?
A. No one.
B. The seniors.
C. Some students.
D. The whole class.

41. Based on the text, we can conclude that Putri was ….
A. a new friend
B. an arrogant girl
C. a serious person
D. a foolish friend

42. … and started to tremble. (Paragraph 3). The underlined word is closest in meaning to …
A. shake
B. walk
C. jump
D. run.

For questions 43 to 45, complete the paragraph with the correct words.

The water lily is a plan of the aquatic Nymphaeaceae family. The plant is found in any fresh, still water throughout the warm temperate regions. Though people cultivate this plant in containers or ponds, it can grow naturally. The plant can grow

(43) … from the seed.

The water lily is a beautiful plant. It has round leaves. The leaves may (44) … or submerge. The (45) … has four sepals, many petals, and stamens. The colour of this flower may be white, pink, yellow, violet or blue. When blossoming, it sometimes smells good. Some species of this plant open by day and close at night; others open  at night and close by day. The life span of the flowers is usually only three days.


A. easily
B. wildly
C. scarcely
D. strangely


A. seed
B. branch
C. flower
D. leave


A. hang
B. float
C. stand
D. lie

For questions 46 to 48, complete the paragraph with the correct words.

Last weekend, my friends and I went camping. We reached the camping ground after we walked for about one and a half hour from the parking lot. (46) Then, we built our tent next to a small river.

It was getting (47) … and colder, so we built a camp fire. The next day, we

spent our time observing plantation and insects while the girls were preparing meals. In the afternoon we went to the river and caught some fish for supper. At night, we held an exciting camp fire night. Cheerfully we sang, danced, read poetry, played magic tricks, and even some of us (48) … a standing comedy.

On Monday, we packed our bags and went home feeling happy


A. Then
B. After
C. Firstly
D. Lastly


A. clearer
B. darker
C. hotter
D. nicer


A. performed
B. disliked
C. played
D. heard

49. Arrange these words or phrases into a good sentence

A. 8 – 4 – 6 – 2 – 5 – 7 – 1 – 3
B. 8 – 4 – 6 – 3 – 2 – 5 – 1 – 7
C. 8 – 1 – 7 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 4 – 6
D. 8 – 2 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 7 – 4 – 6

50. Arrange these words or phrases into a good sentence

A. 7 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 9 – 5 – 3 – 8 – 10 – 6
B. 7 – 8 – 6 – 10 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 9 – 1
C. 7 – 2 – 4 – 8 – 10 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 1 – 9
D. 7 – 8 – 10 – 6 – 5 – 3 – 2 – 4 – 1 – 9

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